Independent, Vendor Agnostic, Smart Building Enablement – Dimension Engineering Limited

Smart Building Services

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Become more sustainable
  • Improve the wellbeing of occupants
  • Increase the value of your buildings 

We offer a turnkey solution for Smart Buildings & Digital Enablement

BMS Services 

We come from a background in BMS and automation, working with the leading control system Manufacturers; we have incumbent engineering for design, manufacturing, electrical installation and commissioning.  Our helpdesk provides conventional bureau services and advanced FDD, FTT, analytics and energy-based support services.

Energy & Carbon Net Zero  

Our services for Energy & Carbon Reduction range from HVAC optimisation, smart metering systems, analytics using FDD, space management systems and indoor air quality management.

We always focus on creating operational environments for occupants with sustainable building services.

Independent Data Layer 

Manage and future-proof the data from your buildings and portfolio.  Our Agnostic Independent Data Layer provides you with the tool to switch on/off applications to suit your business and premises rather than being “locked” into “end-to-end” contracts with software vendors. 

We provide a cyber-secure environment for your portfolio with a single API for all your connected devices and systems.

We Are

We Innovate

There is always a solution ! We are motived to innovate using the latest technology. Innovation matched with being able to design quick & effective solutions with our range of both open source and manufacturers products.

We’re Vendor Agnostic

We are not a manufacturer or software provider meaning that we aren’t trying to punt you our products!  We work with you and the stakeholders in your organisation to select the right hardware, software, and infrastructure from a range of vendors.

We are Reliable & Authentic

We are who we say we are, we turn up when we say we are going to, and we do what we say we are going to do.
We are a service provider and understand that we support a supply chain above us!

We’re Geeks (some of us)

We want to know how it works and why, we get excited about tech and how it can work within the built environment.  Modern methods of building infrastructure and intelligence are what we strive to provide for our customers.

We are Sustainable

We off-set our carbon, we only use clean energy and we are focused on being a sustainable organisation. Our culture is such that we strive to affect change to drive sustainable working practices for both us and our customers.

We are Friendly

We like to laugh; humour is a huge part of our culture.  We work hard, maintain the reputation of our business and know that we need to be professional and corporate as required. We conduct ourselves in a friendly manner, and it is important that we work with customers and a supply chain with whom we are aligned.